If you need your horse(s) looked after when you are on holiday, having a long weekend, away for work, or just want someone else to do the hard work for a few days Horse Sitting Lanarkshire are here for you. You can have peace of mind that your horse(s) is being taken care of by someone you can trust; Horse Sitting Lanarkshire.

Horse Sitting Service; Lanarkshire

Horse Sitting Lanarkshire offer a professional horse sitting service for all horse owners within the Lanarkshire area: Stonehouse, Larkhall, Strathaven, East Kilbride and surrounding areas. To find out if we cover your area please contact us; horsesittinglanarkshire@gmail.com.

The horse sitting we provide for you is tailored to what your horse needs during your absence. We fully understand the importance of keeping your horse in their normal routine and we endeavor to do this for you.

Initial Meeting

It is important that we meet you and your horse before any sitting is carried out. We will visit you to meet your horse and to find out you and your horses needs. This is also your opportunity to ask us any questions you have about the service and ensure you have everything you need before making your decision of whether to use our horse sitting service.

Services Offered

Below are just some of the services we can offer you. If you have other, or specific needs, please contact us and we can discuss how Horse Sitting Lanarkshire can meet your needs.

Mucking Out

We offer a full mucking out service for any bedding type.

Skipping Out

If your horse just needs a skip out we will remove droppings at each visit. This includes deep litter beds. Fresh bedding can be added as required.

Feeding & Haynets

As per your instructions, we will feed your horse at each visit. This includes; cleaning feed buckets, mixing feeds and feeding to horse/pony. Filling and hanging of hay nets as requested.

Waters Buckets & Field Water

Water buckets/drinkers and/or field troughs emptied, cleaned and refilled as required.

Rug Changes

Rugs can be changed at each visit as required.

Turn Out, Bringing In & Field Checks

Take a horse/pony from a stable to field or field to a stable. We can also check your horse/pony at grass if they live out. We will also remove droppings from the field(s) as required.


A groom to remove mud or dirt from your horses coat, mane and tail. Hoofs will also be picked out. Should you require more for your horse/pony this can be arranged on an individual basis.

Attendance for Farrier, Vet and other Professionals

We can be there for anyone who is visiting your horse for treatments. This includes handling your horse or pony, noting what was done and advising you of any follow up required. For more details or to book a date contact us.